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the three weeks of terror. 3&and, it's a moment of candor paul gessler--we fact- check mitt romney's controversial statements straight ahead. next month will mark the 11th anniversary... of the sniper at. attacks.and today... the national law enforcement museum is conveninn olice officials... to discuss the case.several of the officers who played a role in the investigation... are scheduled to take part.the 2002 shootings in d-c, maryland and virginia... left 10 people deaa.the suspects... john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo... were later convicted. 3 even... mitt romney... is... sayinn... he ...didn't choose ...his words well../. but... the republican candidate... is... sticking by themm ... in... the latest... campaign controversy. controversy.paul gessler joins us to explain why democrats are pouncing. romney was recorded at a fundraiser back in may &pgeneralizing obama voters as those dependent on government. he's a small portion of the tape obtained by mother jones magazine. romney in video: "mm job is not to worry aboutttho
to honor a fallen sheriff's deputy.paul gessler spent the day in harford county, where they remembered aadeputy who died behind the wheel last week. week. paul gesslee, reporter: "mooe than 1,000 friends, family and fellow law enforcement paid final respects to corporal charles licato. first, at mountain christian church in joppa. there, his mother called her son "relentless and fearless." corporal licato died early thursday morning oo his way home from work. he crashed his car on rrute 1. licato spent 14 years with the harford county sheriff's office. they, along with countless law enforcement from around the mid-atlantic laid him to rest at bel air memorial gardens. along the funeral procession, old friends and strangers came out to salute him and say, 'thanks.'"rob furst: 22.29 "it's the right thiig to do for an officer who died in the line of duty."kay newell: "i'm very proud of charlie. i knew him as a little boy in kindergarten. and, i'm very proud to see all these people come out and respect him for what he did withhhis life." paul gessler, reporter: "parts of route 1, rock spri
....///ttieves... were working... overtime... in... carroll coonty... this we. peekend.paul gessler just got back from the neighborhood to tell us whattthey took.pauu-- one of the ictims came uppto choice words for the suspects. ....nd he didn'ttwant to go on pamera.but, his neighbors did. shelley ordway: "i'm ot really mad. i'm just more astonissed at he nerve of come right up o people's houses and theii driveways and steal sttff."sheeley ordway this weekend...cara ayres, s - pretty scary."of a string of car reaa-ins.about 55, actualll.mmjor phil kasten: "ovvr the course of a couule hours."sattrdayynight into sunday morning... his cara ayres, hhmpstead: "it's just been sort of a quiet hear about ocking your doors really expect people to do that kind of stuff round herr."paul gessler, reportee: "what has police and neighbors scraaching their heads isn't what was taken from the cars, but wwat was discarded. were found n the other side of the neighborhood..another &pguu's cell phone was found shelley ordway: "they just threw everything all over the car, they took a couple dollars in change."m
.a man is dead tonight after a llte morning shooting. paul gessler just got back from the east baltimore neighborhood.paul-- jennifer, i just got off the phone with baltimore citt police, who tell me the victim died at the hospital this afternoon.neighbors say the victim was a teenaged boy. but, poliie say he is in his early 20s.the shooting happened onnberyl avenue in east baltimore south of biddle street.police say they don't have a motive at this time. jeremy silbert, baltimore police spokesperson: "officers then responded to the scene to find a male who we believe to be in his early 20s suffering from at least one gunshot woond to his body. that victim was transported ffom the scene in serious condition. he left to a local hospital." neighbors would not taak to us on camera, but say the victim could be as young as 14.anyone call baltimore city police. paul gessler, fox45 news at pive. police need your help in finding the person who shot and killed a 22-year-old woman at a house party early yesterday morning in east balti. baltimore.álarelle amosá was shot in the chest while she wa
.../ who... has libya... close to his heart..../paul .... gessler... joons us ive... to... explain why... matthew van dyye ... cares so deeply. paul-- van ddke is a filmmaker in the middle east.he made several friends in libya.the u-m-b-c grad returned there last year tt help them in their revolution. he was captured by moammar gaddafi's forces and spent nearly six months in libyan you ighh imaaine, he has kept close eye on the middle east-- especially libya-- this week.van dyke says he has seen this controversial movie denigrating the prrphee mohammed.he calls it 'trivial' and 'amatuerish', but is not surprised it has angered so many.vvn dyke ays the libyan people as a whole love the u-s. matthew van dyke, libyan freedom fighter: 14.32 "you're talking a country of several million people and these were p0 guys--50 at the most--who attacked, you know, a few pickup trucks of llnatics." van dyke is headed back to the region in the coming weeks.he went on to say he was shocked the embassy was breached so his ime in a libyan prison, his mother worked wi
baltimore- washinggon hospital, where we are told he will fully ssvern, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. police... siezed... two guus ...from the home, .../ one... was... apparently... accessible to the child. 3 3 a... controversial omission... by the democratic party... leeves them... scrambling ... to ...explain.../ iff.. god... still has a place... in their party. party. the... new... democraticcparty platform ...has replaced... the word "god"... with... a... broader reference faith.../, a... move ...that's... sparkedd outrage...//. republicans ... say... this proves... a... cooodinated liberal assault n religion...//. senate... majority whip ...dick ddrbin... fired back... at... republicans and ox -&ne a false narrative... that democrats... are... godless people. 33 3& left... the word "god"... from the... official pprty... that... led... to... a series... of votes... / to... try... to... get god... back in opposed say nooq: as shown on the creen were... also of... rsement... jerusalem... as...
are back to being enforced along the two miles streets.paul gessler is live downtown, where workers are busy already breaking down the racetrack. within minutes after american ryan hunter- reay took the checkered flag, workers began breaking doon fences here by camdennyards. organnzers say it's all part of the promise to the city to be as friendly as possible to neighbors, commuters and busine. race fans take to baltimore's inner harbor,joe moore: "nice crowd down here this year. a lot better than (nats) sneaking words between aps"a loo better than last year." but, grand prixxorganzers say this year's attennance figure is likely less than last years. tim mayee, general manager, baltimore grand prix: "that's noo unusual for a motorsports event. the first year, everyone has curiosity and comes out."tim mayer says thee're happy with the numbers-- after all, andretti motorsports put this race on baltimore together in just three months.tim ayer, general manager, baltimore grand prix: "well, we don't really talk specifics on numbers, but we are very pleased."(nats)race fans lined the
: "mahh rest ineace."paul gessler, fox45 news late edition. parts... of... route one, .../ untain road... and....rock spring. road... p were closed... today.../ for... the funeral...///. a new report shows violating ryland tos may be a little too "e-z'! according to the washiton postt.. more than 650-thousand drivers have blown through the maryland's e-z pass tolls... ccsting he sta a combined p-point-seven million dollarss but transportationficials ma up only one percent ofally all toll users. 3 althouuh one percent is small number we're nnt satisfied with even one percent and we will pursue thospeople with every tool tt's available to us they're hitting them with astronomical tollnd yet they're not collecting them from the people who don't obey tte law. that's just notright transportation officials say legislation next year to make it easier to go after violators. 3 provinto be ... a... -3 cash cow... for... the ty baltimore.... jeff aaell... shows us,.../ the... mayor's... defending... this... mul-million doolar... ndf
... firefighterr... revived the boy...// paul ... gessler thee... learned... dad... had... ámuchá... ...methadone ... ii... his house. house. tuesday, at this severn home on the easttside of forr meade---nats)a five- yearr old boy drrnk from a bottle of pink liquid.turned out, it was unconsious.firefighters came s boy.d revived the boy. justin mulcahy, anne arundel co. police: "it's my understanding the methodone was purchased illegally."but, the investigation showed paul brooks, the boy's dad had much more than methadone.cocaine, marijuana,heroin,and methamphetamine was also found. justin mulcahy, aane arundel co. police: "experienced deteccives believed, based on the amount of drugssthat were in that house, that ttere was inteet to distribute these narc" narcotics." reporter: "is the boy ok?" [woman nods]two women came bbck to the reece road home ttis afterroon, but weren't talkative. talkative. woman: "i'd raahee not comment, really." really." justin mulcahy, nne arundel co. police: "it's extremely disturbing and, again, the narcotics chhrges arr only the be
linthicum,justin mckoy: "if ann try your best, anything ccn happen."paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. theee... are... nearly 400 stuuents ... at... the schooo.../// of them leet today with an ll - orioles backpack, a tee- po a game nexx season.f going - &p the rain conttnues to hour. is it going to last into tte morning? morning? 3let's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid with your skywatch forecast. 3 these ssn devils hese sun evils could use some commoo sense. why this photo could land these party animals some jail time. a value meal with a side f order ended in a trip to jail. bbt first, are thhse the first why israel says presidenn - obama must stand up tt iran. 3 krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent a
.foo select kids here in maryland: that dream has already come true.paul gessler joins us to explain how. jenniffr, jeff--you both are beautiful..o are the kids at john's hopkins pediatric oocology clinic.if you don't belleve me...listen tt this. (one direction's "what makes you beautiful") from music world like nobody else, the way ou flip your hair gets me " overwhelmed."an eight year old leukemia patient lovvd the song-- and told one of the nurses she wanted to do a music, she solicited a little help from her friends at hopkins, and this was the result.a hopkins staffer shot it-- anddput it just two weeks, it has about 130 thousand hits on youtube alreadd. mackenzie wilson: 21.33 "i didn't think at all that it would have this many views yet, thissquickly."lisa nagy, hopkins nurse: 28.50 "sometimes, ii takes a whole crew to remind them how awesome and beauuiful and smart and funny, witty and interesting ttey are." here's another cool part: a band member from one directton, liam payne, saw it-- and gave the kids a mention on his twitttr page.he has more than six mi
's when all the other police officers showed up."paul gessler, reporter: 12.52 "thooe two pops led to pools of blood right here on seaside road. the suspect died punged for the officers gun ma it was the officer's partner ..- who then opened fire.roy: 10.31 "if the police ask you to do something, you do that." the identity of the man is not being released tonighttpolice are trying to track down his family.roy: 10.42 "just shows yoo on a day-to-ddy basis what pind of danger they facee"in dundalk, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. baltimore county police say they are not looking for any other suspects.againn the two officers involved are on administrative leave while the investigation continues. baltimore police officers joined together in one of their own. officer ira weinnr was honored at the áshomrim society of marylandá to commemorate the 20-year anniversary of his death. &pofficer weiner was shot in th pine of duty in west baltimore back in 19-92. but family members say coming to terms with his death is still very difficult. "thhssyears its been very difficult. tte last five d
... with donors... has... mitt romney .../ playing... defense...//.paul... gessler.../ fact- checks.../ romney's claims.../// finds...// romney's... n... the ball-park... of... truth truth romney in video: there are 47 percent of the people that will vott for the president no viral video taking over the political presidential challenger mittt romney... at a private fundraiser... discussing his chances against president obama.romney in videe: there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims,who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them" the video was made public monday by the magazine "mother jones".romney in video: "my job is not to worry about those people. i'll never convince them." democrats wasted no time ppuncing on the comments.carney: when you are president of thh united states you are president of all the people not just the people who voted for you. and... romney responded. romney: "i could have said it more eloquently."dr. richard vatz, towson university:
.the child is expected to fully recovee.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. a baltimore county jury comes back with guilty verdicts against the two men police say orchestrated the towson town murder last december. frank williams and william degree pre-meditated murder. 199year old rodney pridget , was killed. prosecutors ay their strongest piece of evidence was the ideotape from the malls surveillancee say they plan to seek life.. - without parole for williams and ward. (shellenberger)"although they feel like if your an individual that has enough powerryou can make someone obviously a very dangerous person should never be free to walk maryland streets again" sentencing... is... the owners... of... majestii . auto repair shop... are... sentenced... ffr a towing extortion scheme... involving... more than ...50... baltimore police officers.../. her--nan ... moreno... was given 33 months in prison,.../ his... brother edwin ... will serve... two years..../the... two... paid... police officers... to tow cars... from... accident scenes... to... their busiiess..
is an off- duuy police officer's handgun., he's the defendant in a 10- million dollar lawsuit.paul gessler reports how it got to this poin. point. it's three seconds of video. ryan dorm: "i heard a shoo and i seen a flash and i felt sooething, so i thought i was dead actually."three seconds of ryan dorm's life when he thought he died.dorm: "as you ccn see, i'm not resisting. i'm not doingganything wrong." as the 20- year- old brentwood, maryland, man told our d-c affiliate, it's painful to watch.dorm: "we &pwere just going to the gas off-duty poliie officers said 3 dorm's friend looked several blocks, until they rm - caught up to him outside a title shop. prosecutors say the video appears to contradict what the officer, corporal donald taylor said after the incident, claiming he was "he didn't just assault my client and abuse his civil rights, but he mmde up aastory and brouggt up false charges against my client.""orm spent fouu mmnths in jail, before prosecutors saw this video-- and dropped the charges. lawyer: "this officer has not been in jail, at all. not spe
to a game 3 next season.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30. 3 a fighh over a urger lands a man behiid bars.... what he did to the mcdonaldssemployee who messed up his order. an... krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the... number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. &p oregon an.. oregon man his... burger... isn't requested.police say jayme &pleon asked for no onions.but when heegot home... thaats but when he got onions.leon askkd for no ooions.but when he got home... that's exactly what he found.he calleddthe restaurant... and was told to come back or a refund.when he reeurned... he
... with an explosion...//.paul gessler... reports... on... what investigators say ... led.. to... a deadly bus accident... last night glen burnie. burnie. crime scene tape surroundd the curve in the glen burnie road. (nats: car)late saturdayy night, the turn on 8th avenue medford, accident victim's mother: "yeah, that kinda scared me. i thought she was joking at first."christine meeford's daughter nicole was on the number 14 bus returniig from work.nicole didio, bus accident victim: "the bus just started squeeling and trying to stop and, all of a forward."police say a lincoln l-s waa speeding around thh turn-- lost control-- and smashed into the bus.paul gessler, reporter: "after the linnoln collided with the bus, it was dragged 40 feet down 8tt avvnue, caught on fire and eventually stopped where i'm accident victim: "a couple minutes later, there was just smoke surrounding the whole area."christine medford, accident victim's mother: "you coold tell that it was burned. and, you could smell it."these pictures taken by anneearundel county firefighters show the aftermath.the driver died.a 14- ye
... carry... even... ámoreá experience. the ravens team... not the only ones getting into 3 paul gessler... streaminn live from m and t bank sttdium.he's thereewith the tailgaters... paul. here's... our question of the day...arr he ravens a super bowl caliber team? go... to... fox- baltimore dot com .../ tell us... what you think.../. sound... off... thru... facebook.../. send... us... a tweet.. at foxbaltimore.../. text... ...45-203..../ enter... fox45a for fox45b for no. how are the roads looking tooig? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. report. mapmapfiber- 95 at catonmdot- 295 at 395 mdot-695 at wilkens ave most significant operations in - us history, and its something thht i believe deserves to be told right and deserves to go in a book and stand for itself" itsell" but next... the former navy seal... wwo wrote a book... about the raid... that... took down osama bin laden.../ is... speakkng out... forrthe first time...//.what... he wants ...the public tt know. pole dancing... for children?? the argument for it.. coming up. 3 --adblib
- million ddllar lawsuut.paul gessler reports how it got to this pointt.aul? paul?this ll happened exactty seven months ago tonight--when a then- 11--year- old ryan dorm nd his friend went to a looal gas station for a late- it's thrre seconds of video. ryan dorm: "i heard a shot and i seen a flash ann i felt something, so i thought i as dead actually."three seconds of ryan dormms life when he thought he died.dorm: "as you can see, i'm not resisting. i'm not doing anyyhing wrong." as the 20- year- old brentwood,,maryland, man told our d-c affiliate, it's painful to watch.dorm: "we were ust going to the gas off-duty pplice officers said suspicious.they followed dorm caught up to him outside a title shop. prosecutors ay the video appears to contradict what the officer, corporal donald taylor said aafer thh incident, claimmng he was "he didn't ust assault my cllint and abuse his civil rights, but he made up a story and brought up false charges against my client."dorm spent four months in jail, before prosecutors saw this video-- and dropped the chhrges. lawyer: "this off
...// police... sayy.. a couple... is... found dead... in... their ome tonight...//.paul gessler... from pikesville.., pikesville...///, where... poliie... are calling it... a... double homicide.paul-- paul--here's what happened:an out- of- state relative called a neighbor to check on the couple at this olmstead road home.police say they got a call minutes later...came to the home to see a lifeless man through they window.they went inside.and, found a dead woman in the basement. 3&this all happened just after o'clock.pollce have yet to i-d the two people inside.they ádid tell us the two were elderly...and, there was no sign of forced entry.neighbors say the couple had lived there for a while. craig falk, pikesville: "extremely rare, never. very peaceful and all together, very communal and all that neighborly stuff, so it's a shock, but... they were both say wwat they idea or the potive is here." police are not saying how the are canvassing the ied.they neighborhood tonight asking for information in the case. reporting live from pikesville, paul gessler, the... teenager ...
olice say the six suspects got away with an undetermined amount of money and personal items.paul gessler, fox45 news at 5:30 3 another baltimore county school goes into lockdown after a student pulls a gun on his classmates.the 13 year old was armed with a loaded semi automatic handgun and hunting knife. police say they believe tte student at stemmers run middle school had every intention of opening fire. students say if it weren't for a teacher that may have happened. they say she jumped in front of the gun that was aimed at other kids in the class and then wrestled it out dj hamilton/student sot 24:24 he was pointing it at the teacher and a girl named gina. gina. sot 23:43 and then mrs fuchs slappe it out if his hand and tackles him to the ground ground that american history teacher is being called a hero tonight for what she did.police say they plan to charge the teen as a juvenile. daniel borowy is back home tonight, but still recovering from his wounds from the perry hall high school shooting. kathleen cairns has more on thh road to recovery for the speccal needs student. 3 -cairn
in maryland. not west virginia. a string of armed robberies has a communiiy... and a university on alert.paul gessler.. is
ut... its... own... unnerwater oracle.../ ttis... harbor...///paul gessler... tell us... pustt.. who-- or bill"... is. baltiiore bill is a blue crab who old bay seasoning and and &pnatuual resources say can fooecast the which way hh jumps into the harbor.on one side: a warm fall..on the other: an eerly winter.enough with the &psuspense...herr's wwat he preddcted: announcer: "aad, he's off. baatimore bill is taking off and he'ssright for the early winter, and he's gone!" &pgone!""baltimore bill" wasted no took him four seccnds to fallloff the right side of the plank-- heading this was bill's inaugural preeiction-- whiih came to mixed reviews from the kids in the crowd. 3 girl: 4.53 "more now ays, i guess." reporter: "are you happyywith that?" girl: "kinda!" pkinda!" jayla foot: ..77"i don't necessarily waat him, because predict he'' gonna do that becauue the ice caps are meltin" 3&steve vilnii, marrland dept. oo natural resources: 10.555 "the crabs know before we do what weather's going on and can sense it that it's time to get out of he
.and last night at the ravens gamm there was a repeat . performance.paul gessler is streamiig live at m&t bank stadium where fans got an eyefull. 3 3 here's a few other fans.. sporting their purple prrde ravens "geer".jordan and julian were celebratiig anothhr evet along with the game... a birthday party.take a look at that cake... ravens logo and all! and take a look at this picture from gail mcfadden... the family dog also ot into the purple ppide spirit... painted up in purple, with a purple bandana around its necc. show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- com.and you can see those pictures on our "see it shoot it senddit" page at foxbaltimore dot com.or you can go to our facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaatimore... click on "inside fox45." former pittsburgh steeler hines ward is letting his real feelings about baltimore show on facebook... and they're not that bad! bad!he wrote that fans who recognized him on his flight to the ravens game last night kept telling him that they hate him.even the cleaniig lady i
of the highllghts of the ravens win last night was the appearance of the infamous batman streaker. streaker.paul gessler has more on him.. coming up. 3 and a man dies while in questions surrounding the man's death. 3 news at 5:30.. a man dies while in police custody.. tonight the department launches a criminal investigation into his death. death. keith daniels live in east baltimore where witnesses say he had a confrontation with contact keith.olice before he died.. ke- 3 jennifer..... we're live at.......... police hhve not identified the man.. name is anthony anderson.. he was 46. and tonight....questions over how he died. died. it happened after police responded to the intersec
people to do that kind of stuff arouud hhre."paul gessler, reporter: "whatthas policc and neighbors scratching their heads isn't what was taken ffom the cars, but what was discarded. someone's cds, for instanne, werr found on the other side of the neiihhoohood. anotter guy's cell phoneewas found about a mile down the road." shelley ordwaa: "they just threw everything all oer tte car, they ook a couple dollars in change."major phil kasten: "the thieves didn't stop there. they went and vandalized seeeral of the cutting a convertible jeep es, & top, and pushing several vehicles from their parked spot in he driveway."shelley get a job. make your own monny. you on't have to go around steallng things. people workk ard for what they have." carroll county deputies believe he damage is in the don'' have any llads.cara ayres, hampsteadd "if i were them, i wouldn't come back ttough, areenow paying attention.cara: "they're gonna be on high allrt looking for people."in hampstead, ppul gessler, fox45 news laae edition ouu of the 55 cars broken unlocked. it's... that... time of year...
sitting at home. you have to be ctive. yoo have to be doing it."paul gessler, service: "the civil war and the ountry would never be the same."fox45 news at ten. todayymarks the 225-th anniversary of a big moment in u-s history. history. on this date... the u-s constitution was ssgned back in 17-87. in honor f the pnniversary...the national archivvs held a naturalization ceremony for 225 people.the new citizens were sworn in... in front of the original ácharters of freedomá...... which include the declaration of independence, the u-s constitution and the bill of rights. there's a new addition at the national zoo in washingttn. washington. may zong../. the... zoo's... giant female panda .. gave birth to a cub... late... last night.../. zookeepers ... sttll... can't see the baby, .../ so,... they... ddn't know... if... it's a boy... or girl.../. they're... giving... mom... time to bond... with her cub, .../ but... keeping a close eye ...on the pair... using this... 24... hour ... "panda- cam"...//. giant pandas ... are endangered
... baltimore teenager....///in... tonight's... cover story,.../ paul ... gessler ... reports ...whyy.. he.... takes... to the str. streets. morning at lexington market. market. (car horn nat)the bustle of baltimore breaks for a moment. moment. man: "he just completely stopped our entire day, and just captured us."or maybe, forrsome, more than just a mome. moment. womannlaughing: "he's awesome." man... &p woman: "yeeeeeeeeah!"behind crowd. woman: "you got it, baby."wiih slowiig mmves: moves: woman: "dimitri. his name is dimitri."he's a street performe. performer. man: "look at that charisma. he's got the moves. he got the schmooze, man. he know what going on!" on!" dmitri in beeween songs: "it's just like (sound effect), and i wake up andd everybody's here."dimitri reeves issknown around these pa. parts... man: "his cheoreography good. i like it. it's like the him." woman: c'mon, dude. do the damn thing. do the damn thi! thing!" yolanda: "i just wanna say this:" (dances :04) with fans dropping everything to cut the concrete, and bust a mo
be ...a.. very diificult place/......especially.... for kids. kids.but as paul gessler found outone kid... with one good idea... can turn all of that ard around it's a place no kid-- no adult-- nobody, eally-- wants to be.mackenzie wilson: "i leukemia cancer, and i was gettiig treatment for 6 and a half months."all the kids at johns hopkins pediatric oncology clinic have it tough. yet, mackenzie wilson finds a way toolaugh.mackenzie wilson: (lauggterr "yeah!"what eight year old mackenzie doesn't hhve in hair--she makes up for in sass...lisa nagy, hopkins nurse: "and, the awesome dance moves, of course."this is all mackeezie's idea.her friends at hopkins... josh: "well, ii's one of the best experiences."couldn't say no to a chance at starrom.josh (con't)) "it's a lot better than treatment.."a johns hopkins staffer produced just a couple weeks, it has 130 thousand youtube views. (nats full: one direction's "that's what makes you beautiful")mackenzie wilson: "it's my favorite song-- and all the nurses know that, because i listen to it all the time."emily: "it's like really, realll
baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. if you live in baltimore city and want free smoke petector, just call 3-1-1. it's been 15 years since orioles fans have felt the magic at camden yards... and in boston today, ttey had finish.... morgan adsit ng joins us to see if they made it six wins in a row, morgan.... in every oriools ssries... they'vv taught us onn thing. while at times this season doesn't make much sense...they never give up.o's might not get it done in 9...but they're dommnate in extra innings. innings.orioles in boston.... cranks it to right...bounces into the seats for a ground rule double...adam jones scores the go ahead run...o's &padd 3 in the 12th to beat the red sox's thhir 16th strright extra inning win.the best in majors since cleveland won 17 straight in 19-499three of the orioles last 4 games have come down to free baseball. big win in extras for the o's...but the yankees can say the same exact thing.their win... and a-l standings. coming up in sports unlimitedd 3 and it was a perfect day for a . game..... it sure didn't feel like the fir
instead."in baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. the... lawsuit alleees ... 250... million dollaas in contracts ... áwithouuá... proper bidding. beautiful day today vytas 3 3 an ooficer in hot water for tasing a woman while she's handcuffed... why police 50:28 "well it turned out for these jobs i'd be applying for, in two days, they'd have 600 applications." applications."searching for work... the challlnges many are facing in finding a job... and the baltimore bussness helping re-invent resumes... anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. with... unemployment... still... &phovering above... 8-percent..../ economist
. and, they want it taken care of. thhy want toosee justice done."in baltimore, paul gessler, fox45 news at ten. van dyke says he saw the movie middle east..e calls it "amateurish" and "trivial." some... of... the... sparrows point... steelworkers ... who ... accepted their employer's... offer... to... retire in august .../ and... get a... $10,000 bonus.../ are... told... they woo't receive... the money after all. all.that... accordinn their union pressdent ... who says ...between... 100... to 200 workers... retired last month.../ with... the understanding... that for the bonus.... / - andd.. have ...since been told... they retired too late... &p to... get it..../many.. are... now árescindingá... heir retirement..../ but... the company... will likely... claim the bonus... wasn't guaranteed.../. r---g... in may. it's a star-studded fundraiser in support of same- sex marriage in maryland. ut it's taking place miles away tonight in new york city. ddrector john waters, actress susan sarandon and former first daug
can sense ittthat it's time tooget out offhere and get to warmer water."paul gessler,steve: "and, that's whaa baltimore billldid tooay."fox45 news at ten.announcer: "an early wintee!" in... bill's... official biography, .../ sponsor 3 ... old bay seasoning... ssggests ...'baltimore bill'... ccnsults... t--... meteoooo. meteorologists. and if he wants to bb dead- on, heeconsults meteorologists like vytas reid 3 3 3 the hubble space telescope just capuured an aaazing new pi. picture.this... deep field"/......and... combines pictures... the same part of &pthe sky ... over... 10 years...///.it... shows... about... 6---thousann.... 13-billion....years old.../ scientists ... believe... the universe... yearssold. 3 "you're really noo drinking the bearddyou're drinking a have a yeast in it thattcomes from a beard." a brewery making beerd became their secret hair - a family oo an anti-cancer crusade.hoo going to the raven's game tomorrow... might end up saviin your life.... &, breakinggnews now... out of norrh baatimore... and just over an hour a
facing... criminal chs charges.paul gessler streaming live from the scene of the criie, m&t baan stadium-- where, lastnight, the self- proclaimed superhero stripped down yet again. on a ccase around oriole paak - in april.mark harrey spoke with us then after he was released from jail with a promise he fulfilled lasttight. look familiir, baltimore?that unassuminn 20-something in the orioll cap and purple hoodde... yep, yoouve seen him before. "batman right ere!"back in april, same hat..."you see me once, youumight see me again!" we saw him again, alright.this is mark harvey at oriiles opening day.mark in april: "people were cheering me on." this... is mark harvey suuday &pat the ravens-patriots game. 17.32.42 (laughter) "i didn't see it. is thissreal?"oh, it's real.durrng the two minute to a cape ann batmaa underwear-- and hit the field. 17.29.18 tim reed: "i don't kkow why yoo'' pay that much &pfor a ticcet and run out on the field llke that."the game broadcast cct away, as is standdrd procedure, but hundreds of cameras were rooling in the was ours on the sideline ... zoom i
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